1. God With Us - The Coming of the Savior

  2. The Messengers - The Birth of the Church

  3. To Every Nation - Faith that Changed the World

These three animated, feature-length films take you from the birth of Christ through the birth of the early church, which faced constant pressure and persecution from every side. Inspire children and young adults with this animated retelling of the life of Christ and his sacrificial death. Then watch as His followers take His message to Jerusalem, to Judea and even to the ends of the earth. No Christian home should be without the Witnesses trilogy.

The Voice of the Martyrs presents a new, 144-page, full-color activity book to complement the award-winning Torchlighters DVD series. The book includes historical facts about each hero, devotionals, fun activities and beautiful coloring pages. Offered at exclusive ministry pricing, this bundle includes all 16 episodes of the DVD series in a four-DVD set in English and Spanish, along with an easy-to-carry DVD case and the new Ultimate Activity Book. Each episode is approximately 30 minutes long. This new Torchlighters pack is a valuable resource for Christian schools, homeschoolers, Sunday school classes and for use in family devotions.


Dr. Jay L. Wile is one of the founders of Apologia and has written a lot of science textbooks that confirm biblical truth.


with Hayley Mills - DVD + Digital

Synopsis: Travel to a world of make-believe with your host HAYLEY MILLS as these fanciful, educational stories come to life. Come away on a journey you’ll treasure forever with this enchanting, animated anthology. CONTENTS:


The Fisherman and His Wife

Tom Thumb

Seven with One Blow

The Youth Who Wanted to Shiver

Three Golden Hairs

Hans in Luck

Hug Me

Silver Pony



The Furious Flycycle

Someone New

Ghost in the Shed

The Reluctant Dragon


The Practical Princess

Beauty and the Beast


I'm Not Oscar's Friend Anymore

Martha Ann and the Mother Store

The Man Who Had No Dream

The Legend of Paul Bunyan

The Wave: A Japanese Folktale

Legend of Sleepy Hollow

Just Say Hic

The Beginning

Who Do You Think Should Belong to the Club?

Good Goodies

Noises in the Night

All in the Morning Early

Birds of a Feather

Modern Life

My Mother is the Most Beautiful Mother in the World