Web Tools

  • Youtube contains countless videos that can expand human knowledge and understanding.
  • Text Fixer is an excellent text formatting tool.
  • ClipConverter is a free online media recorder that is an excellent tool for sharing videos in a classroom.
  • Webster's Dictionary 1828 - Online Edition is useful when studying eighteenth and nineteenth century American history and primary source documents.
  • Remove Line Breaks is an online text tool that automatically remove all abnormally inserted line breaks.
  • TXTformat aims to provide users tools to quickly change text with these options: UPPERCASE ALL, lowercase all, Capitalize sentences, and Capitalize Words.
  • Texthandler offers these text options: Replace multiple (double) spaces to single space, Replace multiple spaces to double space, Remove all spaces, Remove Spaces and Tab in the lines beginning, Remove Spaces and Tab in the lines end, and Remove empty lines.
  • ColorPicker is a simple tool to create web colors.
  • Google URL Shortener is an excellent tool for analytics.
  • Technical Training for Google Sites contains numerous pages of visual guides to help people create basic or complex websites.
  • Timer Loop is a great tool for setting up multiple timers.
  • Keyboard shortcuts for Google Docs has a lot of very useful key combinations to speed up writing.