Escape! Viewing Guide

  1. From Zambia to South Korea, from Slovakia to Chile, newfound ________________ ______________ is changing lives.
  2. In the last ______ years, the world has created more wealth, reduced poverty more, and increased life expectancy more than in the 10,000 years before.
  3. Until the end of World War II, North and South Korea were one ____________, one culture.
  4. In desperation, Dae Sung Kim fled __________ __________.
  5. __________________ who are caught and returned to North Korea face imprisonment, torture and often execution.
  6. One of the most ____________________ regimes in the world today, North Korea has maintained an aggressive policy of international isolation.
  7. In North Korea, everything was ________________. The government decided how much grain or soy sauce or clothes you should consume.
  8. When the Chinese and the Russians stopped providing ______ in the early 1990s, the North Korean economy essentially collapsed.
  9. Half a million or possibly as many as three million North Koreans ______________ to death.
  10. There were two visions of a post-war Korea: a Soviet vision of a __________________-______________ economy to oversee the North, and an American vision of free enterprise to restructure the South.
  11. For years following the war, military dictators governed South Korea. The country languished in ____________.
  12. General Park Chung-Hee wanted to grow Korean ________________ and engineered nationwide economic liberalization.
  13. In the South Korean ______________, average growth was almost 9% per year.
  14. As South Korea developed its market economy, demands for legitimate __________________ rights erupted.
  15. South Korea was transformed, in 30 years, into an extremely ________-________________ country.
  16. “Very often, the majority of the people want ______ ____________________ to tax the rich people and redistribute it among themselves.”
  17. “We have to be very careful about political __________________, in order to protect economic freedom.”
  18. Dae Sung Kim built a venture capital company with a focus on small businesses run by fellow refugees from the __________.
  19. North Korean refugees have many ____________________.
  20. For Dae Sung Kim, ________________ ______________ has presented the opportunity to serve his fellow North Korean refugees who are building a new life in a new country.

Journal Prompt: Imagine you are living in North Korea and trying to decide whether to stay or try to escape. Write one or more journal entries in which you weigh the pros and cons of both options and then write another entry explaining what you decided to do and why.

Escape Viewing Guide
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