Gone with the Wind

Learning Target: I will watch Gone with the Wind. to better understand Civil War and Reconstruction historical events.

  1. Watch these video clips:

Gone with the Wind Reflection

  1. Analyze the opening credits of Gone with the Wind and explain tonight's 100 word reflection of the movie.
  2. Watch Gone with the Wind.
  3. Work to complete the first 100 word reflection on Gone with the Wind tonight.

Gone with the Wind 30 Historic Terms

    1. Define all 30 posted terms using Creative America and knowledge acquired from the movie Gone with the Wind.
    2. Use and Underline each of the 30 terms in a well-written sentence that shows a mastery of the term and is based on characters or events from the movie Gone with the Wind.
  1. Rhett Butler
  2. Scarlett O' Hara
  3. Ashley Wilkes
  4. Melanie Hamilton
  5. Mammy & Prissy
  6. Georgia
  7. King Cotton: p. 484
  8. Fort Sumter: p. 481
  9. Yankees/Union: p. 481
  10. Confederates: p. 481
  11. Civil War: p. 479
  12. Robert E. Lee: p. 482
  13. Jefferson Davis: p. p. 496
  14. Abraham Lincoln: p. 482
  15. blockade: p. p. 484
  16. currency: p. 509
  17. Battle of Gettysburg: p. 513
  18. cavalry: p. 496
  19. disease: p. 490
  20. William Tecumseh Sherman: p. 516
  21. Total War: p. 516
  22. Thirteenth Amendment p. 521
  23. Reconstruction: p. 533
  24. freedmen: p. 540
  25. Appomattox Court House: p. 519
  26. carpetbagger: p. 536
  27. scalawag: p. 536
  28. pardon: p. 534
  29. civil rights: p. 535
  30. Ku Klux Klan: p. 544

Gone with the Wind Resources

Gone with the Wind Movie Notes

  • Setting takes place in rural Georgia on a fictional plantation called Tara near the location of the Battle of Jonesborough and Atlanta
  • Based on Margaret Mitchell's 1936 book
  • Shot in Technicolor and opened in 1939
  • Earned 10 Academy Awards (8 regular, 1 honorary, 1 technical)


  • Rhett Butler - Clark Gable (Best Actor nomination)
  • Scarlett O'Hara - Vivien Leigh (Best Actress)
  • Ashley Wilkes - Leslie Howard
  • Melanie Hamilton - Olivia de Havilland (Best Supporting Actress nomination)
  • Mammy - Hattie McDaniel (Best Supporting Actress)
  • Prissy - Butterfly McQueen

Coconut Grove of the Ambassador Hotel

Thursday, February 29, 1940

Honoring movies released in 1939

Academy Awards

  1. Best Actress in a Leading Role: Vivien Leigh
  2. Best Actress in a Supporting Role: Hattie McDaniel (Became the first African American to be nominated for and win an Oscar.
  3. Best Art Direction: Lyle R. Wheeler
  4. Best Cinematography, Color: Ernest Haller & Ray Rennahan
  5. Best Director: Victor Fleming
  6. Best Film Editing: Hal C. Kern & James E. Newcom
  7. Best Picture: Selznick International Pictures
  8. Best Writing, Screenplay: Sidney Howard
  9. Technical Achievement Award: R.D. Musgrave (Selznick International Pictures Inc.). For pioneering in the use of coordinated equipment in the production Gone with the Wind.
  10. Honorary award: For outstanding achievement in the use of color for the enhancement of dramatic mood in the production of Gone with the Wind (plaque). William Cameron Menzies

Oscar Nominations

  • Best Actor in a Leading Role: Clark Gable
  • Best Actress in a Supporting Role: Olivia de Havilland
  • Best Effects, Special Effects: Jack Cosgrove (photographic), Fred Albin (sound), Arthur Johns (sound)
  • Best Music, Original Score: Max Steiner
  • Best Sound, Recording: Thomas T. Moulton (Samuel Goldwyn SSD)