Political Parties

Political Parties Pamphlet Instructions

  1. Take a blank piece of paper from the bookshelf.
  2. Hold the blank paper in the landscape format and fold it in half. After creating the pamphlet, write Political Parties at the top of the cover sheet.
  3. Open the pamphlet and write the Federalists at the top of one page and Republicans (Democratic-Republicans) at the top of the other.
  4. Silently read pages 171-180 Lesson 20: How did political parties develop? from the We the People book to prepare for the assignment.
  5. After reading Lesson 20, write a bulleted list of facts about the Federalist Party on the Federalists page.
  6. Write a bulleted list of facts about the Republican Party on the Republicans (Democratic-Republican) page.
  7. Place a small heading with your name, date, and period at the bottom of the cover page.
  8. Draw a cartoon or illustration that illustrates the disagreements between the Federalist and Republican parties on the cover page of the pamphlet.
  9. Write a paragraph on the back of the pamphlet that answers this question:
  10. According to what you know or think you know about President Obama or President Trump, if each of these presidents were transported back in time to the period when Hamilton, Jefferson, and Madison founded the Federalist and Republican parties, which party would each modern president choose to join? Use current and past events to support your conclusion.
  11. Work hard to complete this assignment in class or it becomes homework. Students will present their completed pamphlet for 30 seconds tomorrow in class.

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