Infographics or Information Graphics are graphic visual representations that use central themes, text, symbols, illustrations, cartoons, pictures, maps, diagrams, graphs, charts, and other graphic visuals to quickly and clearly present complex information, data, or knowledge.

Create an infographic with a catchy title, central theme, text, symbols, illustrations, pictures, cartoons, maps, diagrams, graphs, charts, and other graphic visuals that answer the assigned topic or question. Write all text in Large, bold, and Legible letters and place it in shapes or patterns to explain important information and quickly capture audience attention. Design the infographic on an 8.5" x 11" piece of multipurpose paper or create a digital version using software. Digital infographics should be a single Powerpoint slide, a PDF, or Word document. You must include your full name, date, and period on the infographic and name a digital file in this format: PeriodFirstLastnameDateTopic (01JohnHancock052314TopicName) (NoSpacesBetweenCharacters). Present the completed infographic in class for an oral presentation that is a scored as an assessment according to the Five Point Rubric.

Infographic Examples and Tools

Infographic Instructions

  • Take a Multipurpose Paper from the shelf and take out Assigned Answered Question, Presentation and Content Rubic, Assigned Answered Question, and Creating America.
  • Review Infographic Instructions by reviewing textbook and digital examples.
  • Review simple infographics from Creating America located on pages 111, 115, 144, 172, 186, 208, 214, 216, 224, 232, 240, 244, 246, 252, 254, 261, 266, 271, 278, 296, 309, 315, 320, 329, 333, 343, 349, 358, 362, 373, 376, 380, 398, 424, 443, 448, 449, 460, 476, 484, 492, 499, 515, 543, 576, 580, 604.
  • Answer the assigned question and locate any materials or images to use in the infographic during class tomorrow.