Declaration A Closer Look

A Closer Look Declaration Questions pages 182-185

Rephrase the questions into statements that also contain a complete answer.

  1. In what way can American voters bring about changes in their government? (Preamble)
  2. Which offense do you think was the worst? Why? (Indictments)
  3. Why was this action so "intolerable"? (Indictment 5)
  4. Why did colonists object to this act? (Indictment 14)
  5. How do persons today give consent to taxation? (Indictment 17)
  6. Why did the colonists at first attempt to solve the dispute and remain loyal? (Denunciation)
  7. What other powers are held by an independent government? (Conclusion)
  8. Which signers do you recognize? Write one line about each of the signers. (Conclusion)
Declaration - A Closer Look Questions pages 182-185