RSG Chapter 10

  • Chairman will read the question.
  • Vice Chairman will read the section title and essential question.
  • Read the section of the question in the Four Voices. Each student will read one sentence and then rotate around the committee.
  • Highlight the answer.
  • Circle three important phrases in the section.
  • Chairman will present answers for each question when the committee is called to present their report.
  • Class I, II, and III Senators will then read one important phrase from the section in their elected order. The Chairman will then present one summary statement.

Jefferson Takes Office p. 101

  1. The Election of 1800; Breaking the Tie
  2. What kind of nation did Jefferson want?
  3. How did the Judiciary Act of 1801 affect Jefferson's power over the courts?
  4. How did Marshall rule in Marbury v. Madison?

The Louisiana Purchase and Exploration p. 103

  1. What was an important issue for many westerners in the early 1800s?
  2. Why did Jefferson question his right to buy the Louisiana Territory?
  3. Who led the expedition of the Louisiana Territory?
  4. What information did the Lewis and Clark expedition bring back?
  5. What information did Pike's expedition bring back?

Problems with Foreign Powers p. 105

  1. What was Jefferson's foreign policy plan?
  2. How did the British interfere with U.S. trade?
  3. How did Jefferson react to the British attack on the Chesapeake?
  4. Why did Congress declare war on Britain in 1812?

The War of 1812 p. 107

  1. Describe the state of the U.S. military when war was declared on Britain in 1812?
  2. What was the importance of the Battle of the Thames?
  3. Who led the U.S. forces at the Battle of New Orleans?
  4. Who won the War of 1812?