Constitution Day Questions Key

  1. How many Articles make up the Constitution? Seven Articles
  2. What is the current total number of United States Senators? 100 Senators
  3. How many years makes one term for a United States Representative? two years
  4. Who is in charge of the executive branch? President of the United States
  5. What is the minimum age for a person to get elected to the House of Representatives? 25 years
  6. What is the minimum age to become President of the United States? 35 years
  7. What is the minimum age to become a United States Senator? 30 years
  8. What is the introduction to the Constitution called? Preamble
  9. How many Sections are in Article I of the Constitution? Ten Sections
  10. All legislative powers granted by the Constitution are vested in a Congress of the United States.
  11. What are the two houses of the Congress of the United States? House of Representatives & Senate
  12. Which house of Congress can write bills raising revenue? House of Representatives
  13. Who is the President of the Senate? Vice President
  14. What are the three branches that make up the government of the United States? Legislative, Executive, and Judicial Branches
  15. Which Amendment outlawed slavery in the United States? In what year? Amendment XIII, 1865
  16. How many States had to ratify the Constitution before it could become the law of the United States? nine
  17. Which Article makes the Constitution the "supreme law of the land"? Article VI
  18. Which Article deals with relations among the States? Article IV
  19. Which Article created the Supreme Court? Article III
  20. Which Article created the office of President of the United States? Article II
  21. Which Article created the Legislative branch? Article I
  22. How many Senators are there currently in America? 100
  23. How many days (Sundays excepted) does the President have to return a bill to Congress? Ten
  24. What are the first ten Amendments called? Bill of Rights
  25. How many Amendments make up the Constitution? 27 Amendments
  26. List the rights protected by Amendment One. Religion, Speech, Press, Assembly, Petition
  27. Which Amendment was repealed on December 5, 1933? Amendment XVIII
  28. On what day, month, and year was the Constitution signed? September 17, 1787
  29. Which Amendments expanded suffrage? Amendments 15, 19, 24, and 26
  30. Who has the power to create a government? We the People

Write this question on the back of the Answer Sheet: Why does learning about the Constitution matter to me?

  • Answers should reflect thoughts a student has about future responsibilities, goals, and further pursuits of happiness.