Civil Rights Collaborative Poster

Learning Target: I will identify and explain the history of the Civil Rights Movement.

  1. Review this three-minute, animated introduction to the Constitution when arriving to class: School House Rock - The Preamble.
  2. Students will work in their group to create a Collaborative Poster based on four Civil Rights Documents. They will create the poster using the mind map format.
    • Share Mind Map Art to show creative examples.
    • Begin your Mind Map Instructions and Examples in the middle of the Paper. Create a Symbol or Image in the center of the paper that represents the topic. Then use Words, Phrases, Images, Icons, Dates, Symbols, and Visuals to represent your knowledge of the topic. Connect concepts together using colorful lines, shapes, arrows, and words.

Committees will create a Collaborative Poster that includes these minimum requirements:

Create the poster using the Landscape layout

Present information as a Mind Map

Choose one colored marker and only use it to complete the poster

Sign a Full Name on the front of the poster using the chosen colored marker

Include a Date, Period Number, and Committee Number


Two Quotes

Two Images or Symbols

Two Original Statements (thoughts, ideas, and connections)

Five Terms (significant words or phrases)

Rosa Parks Mind Map 01

Open Rosa Parks Mind Map 01

Rosa Parks Mind Map 02

Open Rosa Parks Mind Map 02